Roadmap & Updates

2016 and Beyond

March 2016 - Look for our booth at the Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association Annual Conference

Upcoming Psychotherapy Release

  • Create custom templates for therapy notes
  • Update Invoice Design
  • Add Next Appointment column to Client Chart and Client Details Page
  • Adding Drag and Drop for files and attachements
  • Reports: Create an Unpaid Invoices Report
  • Group and Family Appointments
  • Add a field for how a client was referred to the practice
  • In-session and out-of-session encounters have to be logged
  • Mandatory Reports (Provincial & Federal)
  • Calendar sync to iPods and iPads
  • Custom Intake Forms


September 2015 - Release 1.14

  • Reports: Additional reports added. Invoicing report, client list report, client labels form; client form letter,
  • Ability to delete attachments
  • Ability to print standardized labels
  • Update patient intake form
  • Consent checklist to contact clients
  • Add middle name and alternative name to client forms

August 2015 - Release 1.13

  • Update to mailing labels
  • Users can upload own links to resources page
  • Data review of security table
  • Security testing


December 2014 - Release 1.1.2

  • New layout of Chart for iPads
  • Increase attachment filename length
  • Implement reader role access
  • Add action button for "Create Task" to Notes in client chart
  • Automated generation of tasks and patient follow-up tasks to a work queue
  • Ability to associate a task with a lab report or result
  • Ability to see notes that have not been reviewed yet at a glance
  • In-app notifications
  • Email notifications to client when status changes to unaccommodated

July 2014 - Release 1.1.1

  • Updates to the chart
  • Updates to billing/invoicing
  • Update appointment statuses

July 2014 - Release 1.1.0

  • This release also includes the first round of features specifically for the Psychotherapist group.
  • Security changes for clinic type
  • Functionality for users to create standard consults and referral letter templates
  • Week and month view of the calendar

May 2014 - Release 1.0.7

  • Add client button added to dropdown menu
  • Updates to tasks workflow
  • Functionality to view work queue for other providers/administrators
  • Functionality to auto-generate tasks/ follow-up tasks to a work queue
  • Functionality for users to create tasks
  • Functionality to sort and filter based on status, priority, client
  • Functionality to be able to search using chart number

May 2014 - Release 1.0.6

  • Signoff function for students
  • Generate consults with client demographic info
  • Photo uploader with image resize added

April 2014 - Release 1.0.5

  • Client timeline updates
  • Implementing different encounter types (e.g. Appointment encounters)
  • Add option to create an appointment from the chart.
  • Forms: Added a standard diagnostic imaging (DI) requisition
  • Generate consults with client demographic info
  • New icons added to the timeline

March 2014 - Release 1.0.4

  • Security updates to PDF forms
  • Standardize all the back buttons
  • Improvements to tooltips throughout the site
  • Clinic fax and clinic email added to the clinic grid
  • Update Wait List portion of Intake Form
  • Additional fields populated from EHRflow to PDF forms
  • Add a main page for reports
  • PDFs now available on mobile devices (read access only)

March 2014 - Release 1.0.3

  • Standard email template for outgoing emails
  • Tooltips functionality
  • Wait list module
  • Add status to user profile
  • Revised client grid
  • Double click in calendar day chooser opens new appointment form
  • Add clinic fax and clinic email fields
  • Visually indicate on timeline when patient record was created
  • Added options tab to top menu

February 2014 - Release 1.0.2

  • Updated support link in options
  • Updated medical history workflow
  • Allergies: change types and update grid
  • Alternate contact grid sorting
  • Added ability to add clinic start and end times
  • Revised search bar at top of screen
  • Functionality – make an appointment without a client (eg. Staff meetings or lunch)
  • Required phone numbers workflow update
  • Display user name at top of screen
  • Updates to metadata for attachments
  • Client contact updates
  • Client timeline updates
  • Update security roles for delete functionality

February 2014 - Release 1.0.1 HF 3

  • User registration feature updates
  • Update to user account confirmation email
  • User profile layout changes

January 2014 - Release 1.0.1 HF 1

  • Time zone support for calendar
  • Apply global dynamic security filter
  • Reports: Updates to Day Sheet report
  • Updates and fixes on notes grid
  • Calendar improvements
  • Resources tab added
  • Updates to PDF forms

January 2014 - Release 1.0.1

  • Create ticket system for system bugs and improvements
  • Apply global dynamic security filter
  • Cosmetic updates to User Profile Page
  • Updates to workflow: standardizing redirects
  • Standardize paging across all grids
  • Reports: Updates to the Day Sheet report
  • Reports: Updates to the Active Clients report
  • Reports: export list filtered to pdf and excel formats only
  • Added new options in family history for maternal/paternal grandmother/grandfather
  • Calendar improvements
  • Change session timeout to make it longer
  • Give admin role access to upload files


December 2013 - EHRflow v. 1.0

  • Add encounter type to note
  • Add User Form: cosmetic changes
  • Clinic setup
  • Updates to Security roles
  • Uploading Attachments
  • Labs: updates to display format
  • Grids: delete buttons


October 2012 - EHRflow Pilot

  • Calendar & Scheduling
  • Display client name in schedule
  • Clients Grid
  • Client Chart
  • User administration
  • EHRflow reports: Active Client List
  • EHRflow reports: Day Sheet
  • Alternate contacts / Emergency Contacts
  • Standard report header and footer
  • Lab uploads – HL7 compatibility
  • Attachments/ document upload
  • Swipe card functionality
  • Style dropdown menu
  • Add a friendly error page